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Saturday, January 7, 2012

dress up

I have my grandaughter over for the weekend.  this is her playing dress up.  here she is as a chef.

what ever shes cooking......I'm having (Really)
Is there a Doctor in the house?
We have an emergency "Its Teddy he's sick."

"Don't worry Dr. Grace is here."
"This won't hurt a bit.  See your feeling better already."

This is the chief of the fire department I'm here to help.
I put that fire out before it had a chance.

                   "Just doing my job. Stay safe"

Just call me princess Grace.

Thank you for visiting.  I'm off to have tea.


  1. What a cutie-pie!
    I can see that she has a lively spirit, and a great deal of imagination.
    And... it looks like she had a blast !!

  2. Oh Nancy, your granddaugher is so precious. How adorable in all those different costumes. I sure hope "teddy" is feeling better now.