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Monday, September 26, 2011


Over the weekend I went out and I stopped here and there at different garage sales. one sign I seen had my curiosity going from the start it
said..... scarecrows attic. I thought hmmmm. and so on my way back I made sure I stopped there.  It was full of Halloween stuff. most of it was revamped items. I thought wow this is pretty cool. I bought a bird cage that was at one time white and full of artificial flowers. they removed all of it and spray painted it black including a bird that was in it.  here is a photo

It was the second day of the sale, and in the later part of the day so I'm sure I missed a lot
I think I'll look for a crow and change out the bird

Next year I would like to get there early. Hope you had a great weekend.  Nancy

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  1. Thank you Nancy. We hope you enjoyed last years sale. We have a couple of sales planned for this year and increased inventory! Like us on facebook for pictures, updates and other comments.