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Saturday, September 24, 2011


My ducks finally discovered my koi pond.  I was in the kitchen today and I heard a big
splash I looked out the window, And there was my two big boy ducks they had landed
in the pond.  As I stood motionless for a moment I seen one dive down under the water.
I screamed all I could think was they were going to eat my Koi.  So I grabbed up my Kitchen
broom and went charging to the pond. poking my broom in the water, luckily they responded

wanting no part of the broom. So out they came, and then back in they went. uggg!  So I waved my broom around flapped my apron and stamped my feet. Finally they got the point with some well chosen words and a look they left.

Here is a picture some of my ducks The ones in front are Indian Runners I have five of them
but the two bad boys are the ones in back. They are half Muscovy the other half Mallard. They
are really fun ducks they loved to play. They love playing with the chickens too with a playful nip here and there. But the chickens don't quite see it their way.   They are in the pen because we keep them there every night they head for the pen which is all fenced in for their protection from raccoons

And in the day they roam around and get into mischief lol.

Here is a picture of my Koi pond,   We put it between the circular drive that we still have to pave.
We are eventually put in a small stream that will run down from the cherry tree, expand the pond,
and nestle a bridge over the stream.

They are such beautiful fish to just quietly sit and watch. It just totally relaxes me. I sure
hope that they all made it. Tomorrow will tell at feeding time.
Do you have a funny animal story?  Nancy

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