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Saturday, October 19, 2013


Some of the photos I took last summer in Yellowstone National Park.

  The great fire of 88.  The forest is starting to grow back but it still is strange to go through this whole forest with all these sticks and not much else.

One of the many buffalo's that call Yellowstone home.  He was out laying in the grass when we came upon him.  When ever an animal is spotted people stop and there gets to be quite the traffic jam.  You are told not to get to close to the animals.

One of the many shops they have here at Yellowstone

There seems to be water all through out the park weather its a lake, stream, river, or just a brook
There are over 500 geysers here in Yellowstone.  It is where most of the geysers in all the world are located.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wyoming part 2


This is my son Kyle.   We went
to visited a park near by his house in Douglas.

The hills around this park are a beautiful color of red. Actually up against the green of the grass and trees its breath taking beautiful. Quite the show stopper.

This is part of the stream and it flows all through the park.

They have this beautiful natural bridge that completely goes over the bridge. You can follow the trail that goes overtop of it
When we were here a family with kids were playing the water on inner tubes. there are parts that get deep.

Here is my son again up on top of the natural arch over the river.

Here are a few more pictures of this beautiful park. Look at all this beautiful red rock.

How gorgeous is this?
This is my sons girlfriend Lily. She is as sweet as her name.  And we have come to love her.

Lily and Kyle
Got to love these two