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Monday, March 26, 2012

spring continued


We have four new baby kittens
Two white Persians with blue eyes

one black and white and a cream color.
not very good pics the lighting was not very good I will post some better ones later.

And last but not least baby chicks.
soon we will have baby turkeys. We ordered six
here's to a productive and warm spring. Nancy

Spring has sprug here on our farm

We have had so much rain here in the northwest, And not a whole lot of sun .

But over the weekend it was plentyful. We got a lot done. 
Up went three more fence panels

We got the gazebo up, This will be the last one the others were the kind with the cloth top.  Not a very good investment. We ended up going through two of those.
We bought this one from costco. As my grand daughter would say.

I love it!

Heres another project done a new pond for the ducks.
I did catch any of them in it when I had the camera. sorry but they love it.

We got a few other things done as well but it sure was a beautiful weekend.

Yes spring has sprung.
We have the daffidills popping up all over the place.

We have babies being born.  there's nine new cute as a button bunnies just in time for easter.  continued:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

st patricks day pictures

pictures from s.t patricks day.

     The grand kids decorating bags to go on a treasure hunt and perhaps just maybe catch a leprechan.    they will hunt out the clues. they are all ready to start.

woops one last one. lol
they tried to catch the leprechan sleeping. but oh no he got away
they tried to catch the leprechan sleeping. but oh no he got away

looking for clues and spotting treasure along the way.

But sad to say by the end the batteries died  in the camera and they didn't catch that leprechan. They did on the other hand find the pot of gold and thier lay on the floor a wee green leprechan hat.
Oh soooooooo close!  I guess they will catch him next year.

Hope you all had fun on st patricks day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

peeps in a jar

I found this cute recipe

If you Google “Peeps in a jar” you’ll find lots of examples & methods for making these. I combined a few & here’s what I did:

Crush 1 sleeve of graham crackers into crumbs & dump into the bottom of a canning jar – if you use ones with the wide mouths I would imagine it would be much easier, but I had these on hand.

Place your Peeps in the jar – against the side. I used the end of a wooden spoon to smush the last one in.

In the center of the Peeps place 1/3 cup of brown sugar. This was easiest to do when I packed together several little clumps & dropped them into the jar. Then I tamped it down using the bottom of a gravy ladle. Place 1 1/4 cup of M&Ms on top & you’re almost done!

Here is a link to sheet of tags I made with Storybook Creator Plus. They have the baking directions to make the Peeps S’mores.

I also made a circle label for the top.

It features this little guy made with SBC+. You should be able to click on it, then right click on the picture & use “save as” to save it to your computer & import it for use in your digital projects.