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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is some of the pumpkin carvings out there.  Have a look.
look at the size of this guy.

This one reminds me of fall. I love it!

Now this one would give me nightmares.
                                        Buzz lightyear to the rescue

                                                  wow. only in my dreams could I carve this

                                  And last but not least is this cute little guy.
                                    which one would you choose?
                                                                 happy wednesday  Nancy


  1. Hi Nancy!
    What talent those carvers have!
    I'd pick Buzz Lightyear for my 3 gsons! Then some thing girly for my g'dau.
    Gracie is adorable. My mom's name was Grace, gdau's middle name
    Have a good weekend! The pigs are cute!
    Keep your eyes open for Earl. I hear there's a reward!

  2. It would be very hard to choose, but I'd pick the HUGE one for my mom. She is the pumpkin lady in her neighborhood :-) I did a blog post on her in 2009 if you are interested in seeing her carved pumpkins.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today! You inquired about the spiders, and I bought them at Hobby Lobby. You could probably make some out of pipe cleaners though.

    I am your newest follower. I read a few posts and know I am going to enjoy reading about your life on the farm. We have been thinking of moving to the country so we can have some land for my husband to have a woodworking shop, and I would like chickens :-)