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Friday, October 28, 2011

Twas the night before Halloween

Twas the night before Halloween
 And all through the house
 All the creatures were stirring,
 Especially the mouse!
 The "in-house Trick or Treat receptacles" were hung
 By the cauldron with care,
 In hopes that the Great Pumpkin
 Soon would be there.
 The witches were planning
 A party that night
 For their goulfriends, demons, goblins
 And other purveyors of fright.
 Their black cats were busy
 Matting their fur.
 The spiders were spinning,
 You could hear their spinnerets whir!
 Those other familiars,
 The owl and the fox,
 Heard hissing and scratching
 From Pandora's box.
 The cauldron was steaming
 With unsavory stew:
 Eye of newt, wart of toad,
 A most traditional brew.
 The front yard tombstones
 With dead flowers adorned;
 Skeletons hung from the trees
 So all might be warned
 That Halloween Horrors
 This night rule the land,
 So it's best to stay home
 And hold someones hand

I hope your Halloween is frightfully wicked and lots of fun
and have a great weekend.  Nancy

1 comment:

  1. Spooky poem.
    It IS best to stay home and hold hands :)
    Have a great weekend!!