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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cheak out our farm and new facebook page

       We have recently  started a facebook page.  at we are posting pictures of the farm there so come take a peek at our life on a small farm.  We love animals, and enjoy spending time with them. So come take a look.

We recently put these adorable white blue eyed lop eared bunnies up for sale. I have to tell you they are simply adorable.
The farm is a place we can take a break from our busy life and sit for a while and just enjoy watching the animals as they interact with each other.  There is always something going on here.
This is sparkle she is also the mama goat two the other two we have. She is very sweet and a big fan
of us humans.  she has two offspring Indy and July they are half Nubian like their mom and half pigmy.
This is July  she can be a handful sometimes, But she a beautiful Goat.
This is our beautiful snowflake.  He is so sweet and gentle  but is easily spooked
I think he should get a hair cut like this time the poodle look.
Here is some of my roses this year. I really like the colors on this bush.

How sweet they are.


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