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Sunday, November 27, 2011

christmas is here again

Now that Thanksgiving is over I need to start planning out Christmas.

This  is the time I start making lists.  I seem to need a list of gifts to purchase, and for who.

A list of Christmas cards to go out a long with addresses.


A list of new decorations to buy and a plan to go along with it.

A list of holiday cleaning to tackle.  A list of christmas events over the month. A list of baking to do, and a list to do shopping for christmas dinner.  and many more lists.

And every year I vow to keep it simple. throw out the list and just do what I can. no going over board.  No holiday stress.  just simple, but wonderful.  And take enjoyment in the season.  more laughter. more wonderment. find the peace and spirit of christmas I seek.  This will be my year!


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