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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Rooster

 Over the weekend we had to say goodbye to our favorite rooster of all time. We are not quite sure what happened to him. but we like to think hes in a better place. Its so hard to see any of our chickens go But roo held a special place in our hearts.

                         This is Roo on his first day with us.  I was outside
                 taking a break from work, enjoying a little fresh
                 air when this little chicken ran by me followed by
                 a large cat. he dove for the bush next to me. the
                 cat following him in part way reaching with his
                 paws to get him.  I grabbed a box near by  shooed
                 the cat away and reach in and scooped up the little
                 white guy.

                             He was so scared he was shaking really
                              bad so I cooed to him and told him he
                     would be OK.  not knowing where he
                      came from or if he escaped or was
                     dumped.   I took him home. We
                     already had chickens so it was no big
                      deal to take in another.  Or so we
                     thought. We over looked the fact that
                     all our other chickens were full grown
                     with two not so nice roosters.

So we built him his own little house inside
the coop with a small hole so he could come
and go as he pleased.  The hole was two small for the other chicks. And he had his own water and food
He felt safe.
So as he grew he had lots of extra care
and love.
Soon he was as big as the others and one day he crowed.
loud and clear
yes our little white hen was a rooster and a loud one at that.
It wasn't long after that we decided to get rid the two mean roosters we had.
And Roo became king of his flock
He was quite the ladies man
they would flirt about him
and he made them all happy.
over the years we found out many times he was a lover not a fighter.
He would try to protect the girls,
but a little blood and  he would run.
 he proved it over and over
there he is the white one.
Well recently we save another rooster and sadly he took over the flock
The other rooster would run roo off.
and hurt him.
So once again I tried to protect him.
And sadly this weekend he passed over.
He will never be forgotten.
He was a lover
and we loved



  1. I'm so sorry!
    He sounds like he was a real sweet little rooster, and I'm sure he'll be missed by the 'girls' too.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your rooster! We ended up with a 2 roos by mistake. We gave one away and still have one. I love to hear him crow.